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A painting has to make a quick first impression but it’s not all it gives. I call it ‘gift and reveal.’ It’s fast and slow. So it gives, and then it slowly keeps on giving, and becomes clearer.”
— Artist Jeff Tutt

Artist Jeff Tutt is on Wondereur because influential curators such as Monica Tap believe he is important and on the rise.

An original Painting by Toronto-based artist Jeff Tutt exclusively curated for Wondereur by canadian painter Monica Tap.

Edition of 50

Original Painting

46 x 61
  • cm
  • in


SIGNED by the artist

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Artist Jeff Tutt curated by Canadian painter Monica Tap

Monica tap portrait
Jeff’s work turns things inside out: what is figure, what is ground? Is that shape a something or the space between things? With these puzzles he engages the eye, and then before you know it, metaphor and emotion emerge.”


Monica Tap's painting inspired by the Canadian landscape has been shown internationally from London to New York, and has been exhibited across Canada regularly since 1996. Monica has been invited to participate in artist residencies in Canada, the U.S. and the Netherlands. She is an associate professor at the University of Guelph's School of Fine Arts and Music, where she has taught for the past 17 years.

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Exclusive 17-page photo documentary from our investigative journalist team in collaboration with award-winning photojournalist Nick Kozak. Location: Toronto, Canada. Copyright Wondereur 2023.

MEET with artist Jeff Tutt curated by Canadian painter Monica Tap.

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Nick Kozak, a winner of the Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward competition, is a regular contributor to the Toronto Star and Maclean's Magazine. His coverage of the G20 in Toronto and the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris have been widely published.

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Exclusive career analysis and market overview from our investigative journalist team.

GET the facts behind Jeff Tutt’s success, career development and price. The value of his art is expected to significantly increase in the next few years.

2 in the last 5 years
6 in the last 5 years
Including the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
Price Relative Indicator
Career Span
15 years
Prestige Category - Exhibition Venues

Key Dates

2016 "For Real Toads," Group show, CSA Space, Vancouver, Canada
2015 "Poems For Roses; A Foreign Song," Two-person show, Elora Centre for the Arts, Canada
2015 "September," Solo show, Diaz Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
2013 "One, and Two, and More Than Two (Let It Make Itself)," Group show, The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada
2012 Top artist pick for Canadian painter Monica Tap for Wondereur
2011 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, New York, U.S.
2010 "Prospect and Refuge," Solo show, The MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Canada
2010 MFA, University of Guelph, Canada
2007 "Static Wallpaper-InstantCoffee," Group show, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada
2006 "A Sport and a Pastime," Solo show, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2002 "This Instrument Skin," Solo show, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Canada

Jeff Tutt's Brain Map

Delve into this painter's universe by exploring the artists and thinkers who have played an important role in his process. This Wondereur investigation reveals this larger creative context, both past and present.

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