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IT’S INCREDIBLE the way they look at the camera. It’s like a performance. As a 17-minute film, it can be tough to look at. Some people just can’t take it - all these faces walking towards them is such an intrusion into their personal space. It clearly is thought-provoking.”
— Artist Narimane Mari

Artist Narimane Mari is on Wondereur because influential curators such as Catherine Sicot believe she is important and on the rise.

An original Photograph by Algiers-based artist Narimane Mari exclusively curated for Wondereur by award-winning curator Catherine Sicot.

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Original Photograph

30 x 53
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SIGNED by the artist

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Artist Narimane Mari curated by award-winning curator Catherine Sicot

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Narimane is a force of nature. Her films take you by surprise. You embark on mesmerizing flows of images and sound, and suddenly, you fall back on bare reality. She captures the extraordinary where most people don't see it.”


Catherine Sicot's unconventional curatorial practice develops on the edges of the white cube. Catherine has built a reputation as a fearless art producer facilitating international art collaborations with underserved communities in Canada, France and Cuba. During the 2012 Havana Biennial, she co-curated MAC/SAN, an ephemeral international contemporary art museum in a suburb of Havana. Since 2014, she has been developing La Primavera del Amor, a platform for intercultural research and art production in Cuba. In 2015, in conjunction with the 12th Havana Biennial, she launched "Hors Pistes: La Primavera del amor” first edition of Hors-Pistes Festival in Havana, in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou’s (Hors-Pistes Programme) and local partners. She has collaborated in the development of the Sophie La Rosière Project with Iris Häussler since 2013.

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3     an investigative photo documentary

Exclusive 19-page photo documentary from our investigative journalist team in collaboration with award-winning photojournalist Youcef Krache. Location: Algiers, Algeria. Copyright Wondereur 2023.

MEET with artist Narimane Mari curated by award-winning curator Catherine Sicot.

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Youcef Krache is a self-taught photographer based in Algiers, Algeria. He has participated in several group exhibitions, including the Dak’Art Biennial, ARTifariti and ANMA/La Manne.

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Exclusive career analysis and market overview from our investigative journalist team.

GET the facts behind Narimane Mari’s success, career development and price. The value of her art is expected to significantly increase in the next few years.

Including the Centre Pompidou
Including the Jean Vigo Award
Price Relative Indicator
Career Span
15 years
Prestige Category - Exhibition Venues

Key Dates

2016 Loubia Hamra (Bloody Beans), Shanghai Biennial, China
2015 Top artist pick for award-winning curator Catherine Sicot for Wondereur
2015 La vie courante, Hors Pistes Festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris & La Primavera del amor, Havana, Cuba
2014 Overkill Award, Images Festival, Toronto, Canada
2013 Loubia Hamra (Bloody Beans), Grand Prize and Special Inmates Award, FID Festival, Marseille, France; Best Documentary, CPH:DOX Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2001 Jean Vigo Award for L’Arpenteur by Michel Klein and Sarah Petit
1969 Born in Algeria

Narimane Mari's Brain Map

Delve into this photographer's universe by exploring the artists and thinkers who have played an important role in her process. This Wondereur investigation reveals this larger creative context, both past and present.

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