Wondereur is a ground-breaking cultural platform reinventing how we relate to art. Discover, experience, invest. Worldwide.

1     Boundless Curation

We invite preeminent curators from around the world to introduce us to the artists they are most excited about now.

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Influential curators, world class collectors, and cultural visionaries, our carefully-selected curators have a pulse on the dynamic international contemporary art scene.

They are on the TATE Modern Acquisition Committee or the Art Institute of Chicago Board; they are star architects or designers in North America or Asia; they are important art critics or scholars in Europe or South America; they have built some of the most important art collections worldwide.

Influential Curators

World Class Collectors

Cultural Visionaries

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Leading curators select top artists writing the history of our time.”

From emerging talent to internationally recognized artists, all of the artists featured on Wondereur have something to say. Their voices are informed in part by their locations and backgrounds across five continents, as well as by their focus on social and political issues, personal histories, aesthetic exploration or science and technology. We are committed to making the diversity of their points of view and the complexity of their vision accessible through our investigative approach to art.


This commitment is increasing, as we explore 20 additional countries in the next 2 years, lead by our select curators. We are also developing new ways of discovering and experiencing art, both in the virtual and physical spaces, to be launched in the coming months.

2     Relentless Investigation

What motivates artists to do what they do? Why it is important to them and why does it matter to us? Who influences their work?

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What is the big picture, the context in which artists’ work find its place and its importance?

We see art as a pillar of society: it drives new ideas and important new concepts that are thought-provoking, challenging, and sometimes controversial.

Through investigative journalism and photojournalism, we enter the artist's mind and discover clues about their personal stories, keys to understanding their work.

In collaboration with 38 award-winning photojournalists working with publications like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or Monocle, as well as with war photojournalists, we give you unprecedented access to the different facets of an artist's universe.

We approach the artist's mind like a war zone.”
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We are the anti-artist statement, the anti-nose-up-art-world blurb, the anti-romanticized-artsy video. We follow a rigorous ethical framework, a systematic approach, and use the power of photojournalism to its fullest.


In partnership with museums, universities and news publishers worldwide we are launching a comprehensive map of artist influences. A first in the art world, it maps which artists or thinkers have influenced select living artists. Through direct exchange and in-depth analysis, their practice is contextualized as part of a greater whole in a revolutionary way, through their own eyes and in their own words.

Investigative journalism uncovers an artist's world

War photography techniques are applied to art

Research reveals why an artist's work matters

Interviews and deep analysis contextualize an artist's work

A strong ethical framework provides transparency

Objectivity creates a living archive

3     Immersive Technologies

Behind a work of art there is a world to explore. What if we invented immersive ways to access it?

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We are entirely rethinking the relationship between art and people. When you are alone with a work, with friends at home, or in museums, what if you could see through an artwork and make sense of it? Why is it important and how does it fit into a bigger picture?

What if this information was accessible without touching any screens, without your phone being a barrier between you and the work? What if it was a very simple process, yet deeply relevant?

Finally, what if you could experience public spaces chosen by artists, through their eyes in a profound way? When strolling through a windy park, you could enter an artist's mind at that same moment. How does she experience that space? What if she could share it with you? These moments will be mind-expanding, eye-opening treasures.

It is called the Tricordeur and early users think it is magical.”

Access different layers of meaning

Physically interact with an artwork

Merge content and technology

Interact profoundly and intuitively with art

The tricordeur is the name of an entirely new physical experience with art. The pilot is complete and we are currently collaborating with several partners for testing.

We believe that powerful innovation occurs by merging content and technology. A unique ability developed by the Wondereur team.

The Tricordeur is the first part of a series of cutting-edge initiatives that we will be launching in the coming months. Join us as early testers.

4     Meaningful patronage

Artists are entrepreneurs, risk takers. They condemn, shock, enlighten. We are inspired, puzzled, and offended by them, and we should invest in them.

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Patronage today is simple: it is about believing in artists, their potential and importance, and purchasing their work. With one work, you are already a patron.

Through our platform, you can access a multi-faceted investigation of artists: the motivation behind their work and its significance, their unique career path, and their place in the international art community, allowing you to make an informed decision about your investment.

We are here to help you. Connect with us if you have questions, require recommendations, or simply would like us to accompany you in your journey.

Patronage starts with one artwork.”

5     Our Team For You

We are journalists, entrepreneurs, art historians, futurologists, and art experts. But first and foremost, we are art lovers and art collectors. We are from New York, Toronto, Paris, and beyond, and have built a highly collaborative environment allowing Wondereur to forge its own path, innovate quickly, and deliver a luxurious experience. Connect with us, we are here to help you.

Discover how Curation, Investigation, Technology and Patronage are at the heart of what we do.








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Art Investment

Investigation &
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R&D Lab

43 Curators

We invite preeminent curators from around the world to introduce us to the artists they are most excited about now.

SIR DAVID ADJAYE award-winning architect Adjaye Associates • Smithsonian African American
SARA ANGELUCCI award-winning photographer Curator • Gallery 44 • Contact Photography Festival
NATHALIE ANGLÈS influential New York-based arts innovator Residency Unlimited • Sotheby's • Location One
LEILA ARAGHIAN star architect Tabiat Bridge • Architizer A+ Award
BARBARA ASTMAN internationally acclaimed artist Art Gallery Of Ontario • Canadian Embassy • OCADU
MARC AZOULAY JR's studio director Curator • Art Collector • Whitney Museum
CAMERON BAILEY TIFF artistic director Planet Africa • Film Critic • Curator
JOSEPH BOYDEN preeminent North-American writer Giller Prize Winner • Canada Reads Winner
MARIEL BROWN award-winning filmmaker Curator • Publisher • V&A Museum
EDWARD BURTYNSKY one of the world's most celebrated artists MoMA • Guggenheim • TED Prize Winner
JAMES D. CAMPBELL Montreal-based art critic Curator • Frieze Magazine • Canadian Art Magazine
EMELIE CHHANGUR experimental curator Art Gallery Of YorkU • The Power Plant Gallery
JEAN-MAX COLARD a driving force in the French art scene Art Critic • Curator • Les Inrockuptibles • Fondation Ricard • Lyon Biennial
JILL CONNER respected New York-based art critic Curator • AS | Artist Studios • AICA • Art In America
JANE CORKIN preeminent contemporary art dealer Corkin Gallery • AIPAD Founding Director
ALBERTINE DE GALBERT relentless explorer of Latin American art Curator • Founder Of Artesur
PATRICK DELANTY celebrity interior designer Extreme Makeover: Home Addition • The Oprah Winfrey Show
DOROTHÉE DUPUIS premier talent spotter Curator • Triangle France • Centre Pompidou
MONA FILIP visionary curator Koffler Centre
IRIS HÄUSSLER internationally acclaimed artist Conceptual Artist • Toronto School Of Art
APRIL HILCOX a driving force in the Canadian art scene Gallery 44 Founding Director • OCADU
MICHAEL KLEIN experimental art explorer Artist • Gallery MKG127
RODOLFO KRONFLE Ecuador's most prominent art critic Curator • Historian • Rio Revuelto
SUZY LAKE pivotal art figure Governor General Award • Art Gallery Of Ontario • MOCA
SIGALIT LANDAU internationally acclaimed artist Venice Biennial • MoMA • Centre Pompidou
SUSUR LEE world-renowned chef Chef Of The Millennium • Restaurateur • Fusion Cuisine Pioneer
BRUCE MAU international design guru Frank Gehry • Massive Change • MoMA
MARIANNE MCKENNA star architect KPMB Architects • Order Of Canada • Royal Conservatory
SARAH MILROY influential art critic Art Gallery of Ontario • Emily Carr • Dulwich Picture Gallery
KENNETH MONTAGUE prominent art collector Tate Modern Advisor • Curator
GAËLLE MOREL prolific curator French Photographic Society • Mois De La Photo • Ryerson Image Centre
ALEXANDER NEEF opera visionary Canadian Opera Company • Paris Opera
MANNY NEUBACHER influential gallerist Neubacher Shor Gallery • Curator • Television Host
ANDY NULMAN prominent art collector Just For Laughs Festival • Top 100 Montrealers
ELIZABETH PETROVA passionate art advisor Art Gallery Of Ontario • Mayberry Fine Art
YANN POCREAU a leading force in the French-Canadian art scene RCAAQ • Centre Clark
BOB RENNIE top art collector Rennie Collection • Tate Modern • Art Institute Of Chicago
LYLA RYE internationally acclaimed artist Toronto School of Art • Mentor
CATHERINE SICOT award-winning curator Elegoa • Oakville Galleries • Mam Paris
JOSHUA SIMON one of Israel's most politically vocal art figures Curator • Art Critic • Bat Yam Museum
MONICA TAP Canadian painter University Of Guelph Professor
TANYA TAYLOR celebrated fashion designer CFDA/Vogue • Beyoncé • Michelle Obama
DAYANG YRAOLA a pivotal force in the Southeast Asian art scene Project Glocal • Asian Cultural Council

38 Photojournalists

In collaboration with 38 award-winning photojournalists working with publications like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or Monocle, as well as with war photojournalists, we give you unprecedented access to the different facets of an artist's universe.

AARON ADLER New York-based photojournalist New York Observer • CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
SANTIAGO ARCOS Magnum Fellowship Winner New York Times • Slate France • New York Portfolio Review
ANA ARMENDARIZ Buenos Aires-based photographer Nido • Purple Journal • Monocle
DARIO AYALA Photojournalist for the Montreal Gazette Antoine Desilets Award • Canadian Press • Reuters
KIBWE BRATHWAITE Trinidad-based photographer Trinidad Carnival
PHILIP CHEUNG Award-winning Toronto-based photographer National Geographic • TIME Magazine • New York Times
XYZA CRUZ BACANI Award-winning Magnum Foundation Fellow BBC's 100 Women of the World • Forbes 30 Under 20 Asia
ALFREDO D'AMATO Award-winning photographer Observer Hodge Award • One World Media Award • George Eastman House
HÉLÈNE DAVID Explorer of the relationship between men & wilderness Aida Prize • Le Monde • Pèlerin
RAFAEL DEL RÍO Award-winning Mexico-based phtoographer Jalisco Journalism Award
AARON VINCENT ELKAIM Award-winning Toronto-based photographer Daylight Photo Award • New York Times • Boreal Collective
CHLOË ELLINGSON Toronto-based photographer Magenta Foundation Winner • British Journal of Photography
CORENTIN FOHLEN World Press Photo winner • Wostok Press • Gamma • Abaca Press
ORLANDO GARCÍA GARCÍA Documentary photographer examining Cuban daily life • Havana Times
RAFAL GERSZAK Vancouver-based photojournalist Magenta Foundation • The New York Photo Festival • Boreal Collective
JOHAN HALLBERG-CAMPBELL Award-winning Toronto-based photographer Magenta Foundation Winner • Boreal Collective
MARTA IWANEK Award-winning Toronto-based photographer Tom Hanson Award • NPPA Award • Toronto Star • Canadian Press
NIR KAFRI Documentary photographer focusing on life & conflict in Israel Haaretz • Gamma Agency • Unicef Award Photo of the Year
DAVID KAWAI Ottawa-based photojournalism instructor Maclean's • Ottawa Citizen • Xinhua News Agency
AMADOU KEITA Documentary photographer focusing on life in Mali • Addis Foto Fest
ARASH KHAMOOSHI World Press Photo winner • The Guardian • CNN
MARK KING Barbados-based photographer Academy of Art University
NICK KOZAK Award-winning Toronto-based photographer Magenta Foundation Winner • Toronto Star • Maclean's
YOUCEF KRACHE Algeria-based photographer Dak’Art Biennial • ARTifariti • ANMA/La Manne
ADAM KRAWESKY Street photographer Spacing magazine
LIAM MALONEY Documentary photographer examining refugee life in the Middle East TIME Magazine • The Guardian • Maclean's
JENNIFER OSBORNE Award-winning Berlin-based photographer Pride Photo Award • Screenings 12 Award
JULIEN PEBREL Paris-based photojournalist Paris Match • Libération • Le Monde
RENAUD PHILIPPE Award-winning Quebec-based photojournalist IJA Award • Pictures of the Year International
JASON REDMOND Seattle-based independent photojournalist Reuters • Associated Press • New York Times
SHAUN ROBERTS Multimedia photographer Wired • Juxtapoz • GQ
RYAN STONE Miami-based photojournalist New York Times • Wall Street Journal • Washington Post
MARTYNA SZCZESNA New York-based photographer Cooper Union
ERIC THAYER A regular contributor to the New York Times • Wall Street Journal • Reuters
RYAN WALKER Award-winning Toronto-based photographer • Magenta Foundation Winner
IAN WILLMS Documentary photographer TIME Magazine • New York Times • Harper’s Magazine • Boreal Collective
POLINA YAMSHCHIKOV New York-based photojournalist NPPA Multimedia Awards • New York Times • Wall Street Journal